WordPress Picks for the Week [01/10]

Display Always All Subpages in Sidebar

Michael gives you some code that will help you to display pages and subpages in the sidebar. Ideal for those sites that are powered by WordPress but designed to be actually be static in nature.

Cool Things You can do with the WordPress “more” Tag

I’ll let you check out this nice long post. I didn’t even realise you could do so much with the “more” tag!

How to disable image caption in WordPress post editor

Four lines of code in your theme to get rid of image captions if you never use them.

Exclude A Category From Turn Off Comments Automatically

If you are using the inbuilt WordPress feature to turn off comments, but would like to keep them open on a category, then here’s some code that helps you.

Get most commented posts with thumbnails

As the title says. Here’s a piece of code to display on your blog. If you’re looking to display top posts by pageviews, take a look at Top 10.

Speed Up WordPress With Better Permalink Rewrite Code

The default WordPress .htaccess rules are not optimum. At Webmaster World forum, there is a thread running that talks about more optimised code. I have it added to this blog. Do let me know if you notice if the site loads faster.

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