WordPress Picks for the Week [01/03]

How to check if a page template is active

Very useful for plugin authors or theme designers who want to run a piece of code depending on if a particular page template is selected.

How To: Per User Options in WordPress

WordPress Guru Ozh tells you how to create options that are effective on a per user basis. Ideal of plugin authors targeting multi-author blogs.

Top 10 Plugin Developers Of 2009

I am at number 45, mainly due to me taking over the development of Ajax Edit Comments from Ronald.

Block external requests on your WordPress blog

Simply add define('WP_HTTP_BLOCK_EXTERNAL', true); to your wp-config.php file to stop WordPress from sending data to external websites.

How to Display a Category only if it has Posts in WordPress

Detect if a category has posts and take appropriate action.

Checking Blog Privacy Settings

For SEO plugin authors, a simple snippet of code that checks whether you’re allowing search engines to spider your site.

Can themes style the visual editor?

Snippet of code that theme authors can use to style the visual editor

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