WordPress Picks [12/13]

Dress Up Your WordPress Theme In Under 5 Minutes Using jQuery

AJAX is extremely powerful in decking up themes and jQuery is one library that makes this extremely easy. The best part is that jQuery is that it is bundled with WordPress. Jason teaches you two simple tricks, viz. Fading just about anything and displays simple tips on hover

Earlier Shortcodes

WordPress shortcodes run at priority 11. However, wpautop(), wptexturize() can interfere with your shortcodes which rely on text to be formatted in a particular way. With this tiny piece of code you can make the shortcode run at a higher priority.

Display post image with backward compatibility

WordPress 2.9 has introduced the new post image feature that lets you quickly and easily add thumbnails for your posts. However, in versions prior to that plugins would help you do this. If you’ve been using any of these plugins, you’ll want to continue providing a way for the themes to display the thumbnails for the posts. This can be made possible with a tiny bit of code.

The code on that post hasn’t been updated. Dougal in a post today, mentioned all of the post_image_* functions were renamed to post_thumbnail_*.

75+ WordPress Tricks

Jeff gives you a super amazingly long post with 76 tips and counting that you will definitely use to spice up your blog

Create a Custom Database Error Page in WordPress

If your database fails, WordPress will throw up a really ugly looking error page. This is utterly useless to everyone, especially your visitors. Learn how to create a custom database error page, which is a lot more meaningful. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but functional.

WordPress tip : change excerpt length depending of the category

The fastest way to increase or decrease the length of your excerpt in a particular category.

WordPress 2.9 Packs in Loads of Features: Hands-on Review

A nice review of the upcoming WP2.9. Guides you through the features including the image editor, the trash can, using oEmbed and automatic database repairing.

Theme Uninstaller

I like this post so much, I’m going to implement it in my Connections Reloaded theme.

Redirect Mobile Users to a Mobile WordPress Theme

Mobile users have increased phenomenally. And the number of users accessing websites via their mobile phone is also increasing. While mobile screens are getting bigger, websites are still not optimised for WordPress themes. The Detect Mobile Browsers project provides you with some ready script that makes it easy to find out if your visitor is checking your blog through a computer or a mobile device.

Display Upcoming Entries In Your Post With A WordPress Shortcode

On high traffic blogs with regular posts, you’ll always have a few in the pipeline. Here’s a way to tempt your visitors by displaying a list of upcoming posts.

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