WordPress 3.1 for iOS

WordPress 3.1 available for iOS

The WordPress team has released a major update to their iOS app today. I updated the app I had installed to check out the new features.

WordPress 3.1 for iOS

The first thing that strikes you is the brand new interface. You can tap or swipe to open the sidebar, giving you instant access to all your blog’s content, as well as the ability to upload a quick Photo and access your Settings.

If you’re using WordPress.com stats, you now have direct access from within the app. I use my plugin Top 10 to track hits on this blog in a combination with Google Analytics and Statcounter, so don’t have the need for the stats function of the app.

The new app integrates better with your blog will support for Post Formats added in this version. By using post formats you effectively choose how your post will look once published.

WordPress 3.1 has over 180 enhancements and bug fixes to make your iOS experience enjoyable!

Do you have use the WordPress iOS app? What features do you most love about the app?

Download the app from the App Store

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