WordPress 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 Update File (WordPress Wednesday)

WordPress 2.6.2 was released yesterday in order to fix the bugs due to SQL Column Truncation and the weakness of mt_rand().

This has been termed an annoyance rather than a severe security risk, but if you have open registrations, then it is recommended that you upgrade your blog to the latest version.

Another reason would be to remove the irritating “Please update now” notice in wp-admin!

I’ve made available a 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 update file for users currently running WordPress 2.6.1 based on the full changeset and list of changed files. The download link is at the bottom of this post.

If you are currently running 2.6, then you will need to download the 2.6 to 2.6.1 update file. (Related post: WordPress 2.6 to 2.6.1 Upgrade File)

2.6.2 also contains a handful of bug fixes.

You need to unzip the contents of the file directly into your blog root and overwrite the files. Run the database upgrade file in /wp-admin/upgrade.php

Please note that this is an unofficial release that I have created to speed up the updating of your WordPress install. There is no support available on this. Please backup your blog before use.

It will not work with any version prior to v2.6.

If you have ssh access you might like to take a look at my tutorial about Upgrading WordPress via shell.

Download WordPress 2.6.1 to 2.6.2 Update from DivShare
Download WordPress 2.6 to 2.6.2 Update from DivShare


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