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Game for the weekend: WordOn HD

WordOn HD

In addition to racing games, I also love word based games like Scrabble. One game that has caught my fancy and I’ve been regularly playing for the past few days is WordOn.

WordOn HD lets you play with friends (or random opponents) in one of six languages. Put words together in a single line. You receive 7 tiles (similar to Scrabble) which you can use to make a word up to 7 letters. However, you can also receive 2 additional tiles which sit on the WordOn fields. These fields make the game a bit tricky because your opponent must use the characters from these special fields in the next round.

Depending on the game you can collect coins which can be used to buy stars. Stars are used to activate certain additional features like the Wordalyzer which lets you see your word score before you play it (check out the five coins with the green tick and the number 38 in the image below. Overall, it’s been an engaging experience. I highly recommend this as an alternate to Scrabble.

WordOn HD - Games WordOn HD - Tournaments


  • Play against friends or random opponents, turn for turn
  • Play several games in parallel
  • The great in-game tutorial makes WordOn HD really easy to pick up
  • Brag about your best plays through chat
  • With extensive statistics and a history of played words
  • Played words earn you coins, with coins you can buy stars, stars unlock special features
  • Experienced players can challenge their Facebook friends in weekly tournaments

Download WordOn HD

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