Wonderful World Of Wikis

We’ve all heard of Wikipedia Wikipedia – for a whole load of students, it has been the go-to site for project work and reference material. It’s great strength lies in the multitude of collaborators – writers, proofreaders et al associated with the site doing what they do out of a general sense of altruism and trying to spread knowledge.

Of course, Wikipedia is available in a number of languages, so it isn’t restricted to English although that is by far the most developed section of the site. For users on mobile phone, there’s also a mobile version of Wikipedia. A related website,  Wapedia displays Wikipedia content optimised for WAP connections.

Naturally, some of the articles are extremely detailed and in some cases, one might only wish to look up a brief summary in plain and easy-to-understand English. Enter the Simple English version of Wikipedia – simple, concise and easy to understand.

There are loads of other Wikis, dedicated to particular topics and containing an immense amount of information. Here are a few of the choicest and more popular ones floating around on the interweb.

Check out  Wikia – a wiki farm that hosts multiple wikis on a wide ranging set of topics.

Word Of Warcraft fan?  WoWWiki is the place for everything WoW related.

Trekkies of course, not to be left behind have  Memory Alpha. If it’s part of the Star Trek franchise, odds are you’ll find mention of it here.

Wookieepedia is for those who feel the Force.

Too much sci-fi making you hungry? Have a gander at  RecipesWiki. With over 48,000+ articles, there are quite a few recipes.

LyricWiki is a wiki which as the name suggests lists lyrics. The site is categorised and everything’s neatly laid out and unlike most other lyric search sites, one isn’t greeted by ad banners plastered all over the place.

For those aiming to satisfy their wanderlust,  the  WikiTravel has over 20,790 travel destinations and guides written by people that have actually visited them (yes, I’ve seen guides that are so obviously wrong, that the writer must have been either severely confused or severely inebriated or both).

Car enthusiasts can take heart from  WikiCars – a wiki that has stuff not only on cars and famous marques but also the designers behind some of the best automotive marvels in the world.

And finally, there’s WikiLeaks – a wiki that allows users to post sensitive material online in the hope of bringing to light some of the injustices perpetrated by goverments and institutions.

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