WLTC Blogging Essay Competition

Mark from Weblog Tools Collection has announced a Blogging Essay.

The winner receives $150 and the runner up $50.

There are a simple set of rules to be followed:

  • 1000 words or more.
  • The essays should be centered around blogging and online media; the topic could be anything related.
  • New essays only. Nothing published previously please.
  • You may publish the essay elsewhere, but you legally allow it to be published here.
  • Competition will be judged only if there are ten entries at the least.
  • I reserve right to reject your essay, I reserve the final say in the results and to cancel the competition at any time.

WLTC is one of my favorite websites. One that I read everyday and that I am subscribed to. It’s really good to see Mark having a competition like this which will encourage all bloggers to try their best.

I’m not sure whether I should participate or write to Mark to ask if I should help judge. Though I believe with GamerZ’s Post Rating Plugin, he intends to let the readers of WLTC decide.

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