Why Rip a DVD When You Can Rip A Blu-Ray?

Why Rip a DVD When You Can Rip A Blu-Ray?

Alright, the fact of the matter is that, if we are going to be talking about ripping, we might as well be straight with one another. The days of ripping DVDs are over. We have landed, with a big splash, into the era of Blu-Ray ripping and it would appear that this is not only the media of the hour, but is here to stay.

What is the purpose of ripping any media? Simply put, a DVD or Blu-Ray DVD is ripped so that the information contained on it, be it video or audio, can be enjoyed by all, including those with hardware that is not as well-suited to read such exotic and cutting-edge a format.

Whereas traditional DVDs could host as much as 3 to, perhaps, 8 giga-bytes of information, an already sizable amount, Blu-Ray DVDs can; in fact, host between 25 and 50 giga-bytes, placing them among the most proliferate of the hosting media available on the consumer market today. Clearly, this media is something that should be available to all and not just a select few who are able to attain the rigorous hardware acquirements necessary for its use.

Clearly, a novice user must be made aware of the advantages, should there be any, of using such a modern, and perhaps soon-to-be outdated media. After all, Blu-Ray would not be the first to succumb to a newer, and more proliferate, competitor should one come forth, however, such an occurrence seems quite unlikely.

Among other noteworthy attractions, modern Blu-Ray DVD Rippers have the following features to offer the average user:

As a new media in a highly competitive market, Blu-Ray rippers are updated with astounding frequency.

The conversion factor is said to be 100%, or in other words, equal to the quality of the original product. This, in and of itself, is something that practically no product of its kind can claim.

The programs are, almost always, point-and-click. You would be hard-pressed to find a reasonably educated, majority user who could not master this type of application within a few short minutes of use.

Most importantly, the software works with almost any target software a user could possibly imagine. This simple feature, in and of itself, guarantees that any user will be able to reap real benefits from the use of this kind of software, enjoying the fruits of the information, be it video, audio, or what have you, therein.

If you are looking for certain material, and can’t find it in any of the media that your system is readily able to support, then a Blu-Ray DVD Ripper program might very well be the avenue that you had best pursue. The fact is that Blu-Ray is here to stay and those of us that are looking to enjoy all of the benefits of our own systems and the information that is available to us out there, should be able to do just that without the added requirement of a superfluous and completely unnecessary hardware purchase. Seek the information without conforming to the imposed price. You can get the Blu-Ray disc ripper by downloading the free trial-version from http://www.yepbd.com/

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