What 2013 will bring to the Tablet and mobile phone market

In today’s day and age, new technology is released at such an alarming rate, it is often hard to keep up with what is new and what is now considered old school. For example, in the UK, if you do a two year cell phone contract which seems to be the norm, by the time the contract is up, it is highly likely that three or four new versions of your phone have come out with at least five or six, software upgrades. Often these can be insignificant layout modifications or slightly more streamline designs as electronics manufactures strive to make their hardware smaller and smaller. However every now and then a great idea comes out that is a real must have, well here are three of what I think are absolutely brilliant new inventions to look out for in 2013.

Samsung’s Flexible Phone:

Samsung Flexi

On January 9th 2013 one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturer Samsung unveiled the prototype for their latest innovation: a flexible phone that seems to be impervious to damage of pretty much any kind. Rather than being made of glass and solid plastic, the display, is made of a thin film of plastic that can be bent in case its dropped or sat on so that it does not get damaged. There have been suggestions that the phone could be kept in a more sturdy case, which would give it the feel of a regular mobile, but it could be bent if it was ever put under stress saving the phone. Rumours have it that Samsung has not yet released the device as they are saving it for the spring release of their flagship phone the Galaxy S4.

Tactus Technology:


Tactus is a small yet growing company set in Freemont, California that was founded in 2008. What they have designed is a physical touchscreen that can be incorporated into any touch screen device making them a lot more versatile and usable. Although this seems like a contradiction in terms, this technology can be incorporated into any touchscreen device works by making the top layer of the touchscreen device slightly flexible and allowing buttons to push up from underneath, directly from the circuitry of the device. This technology which is still to be released on a large scale seems like it will revolutionise working on the move, as business men will manage to type much more freely on tablets whilst on the move.

Waterproof mobile phones:

Wet Phone

For quite a while water proof mobile phones have existed in the form of those designed for builders and other heavy handlers, but now after a long wait, we are starting to see the emergence of actual waterproof smart phones. For example certain companies have started to offer services that coat your smartphone in a Nano coating which makes them water proof. Although this coating breaks down once in water after a short period it will still protect your phone against spills, slips and drops. However Sony plans to release a new Xperia model that they offer to the public as completely waterproof.

Although many developments will without doubt be released in 2013 these are a few I believe are worth looking out for. Furthermore can you imagine the versatility if these three new technologies where combined, alongside with the next software upgrades?

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