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Wake up to the Weather with Sleep.FM

A while back we wrote about an Online Alarm Clock. Today, we have yet another online alarm clock but with a few extra features in terms of the alarms available.

Sleep.FM is establishing the Internet’s first smart and community powered alarm clock. The alarm clock has been waking us up to boring, impersonal noise for centuries! Now through Sleep.FM the alarm clock is a device that wakes and informs us!


You can set up to three alarms and select from the following alarms:

  • Current Weather
  • Today’s Weather Forecast
  • Current and Today’s Weather Conditions
  • Current Time
  • Current Day & Date. This is a backup alarm that is used when your internet goes down

The site automatically detects your location. Alternatively, you can set the location ID manually. You’ll need this for the first four types of alarms above.

Sleep.FM is expanding to include alarms that inform you to weather, flight status, birthday wishes, go back to sleep messages & more.

And, for all you men, if you don’t like the voice of a male waking you up, Sleep.FM allows you to wake up to a beautiful female voice.

Remember to keep the speakers of your computer to loud…


    1. There’s a solution for that. In case your Internet disconnects, as long as the page is open, the clock switches to the backup alarm

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