Turn Your Photos Into 3D ScreenSavers and Wallpaper Collages

The default screensaver in Windows which shows the user pictures on the PC is downright boring. That screensaver is no different than a slightly fancy slideshow. If you want to really have some quality fun with the photographs on your PC, you need to stop relying on built-in Windows programs. Today we will explore an amazing freeware that lets you use your pictures in wonderful ways to liven your computer experience.

The freeware we will be exploring is PhotoJoy.


On the program’s first run, it asks you about the folder you store your pictures in. After indexing them, you are given three options like this:


You can make a collage, go to PhotoToys, or create a screensaver. We will explore at each option separately.


Choosing Collage, you are presented with various 3D collage formats from which you can choose any:


By default, you are presented with the most popular collage formats but you can look for specific type by entering the appropriate category in the left plane. To get a better idea of how it will look, you can click on any format to preview it. The collage you choose randomly selects your photo each time and alternates between different photographs each time. You can then set up these wonderful 3D collages as your desktop wallpaper.


Selecting PhotoToys present you with 3D wallpapers which you can place on your desktop. These wallpapers dynamically alter themselves by changing the photographs being displayed. Here is how my desktop looked like after PhotoToys generated my wallpaper:



Selecting screensavers present with options of screensaver animations according to which brilliant 3D screen savers area created:


Apart from including amazing formats for Collages, PhotoToys, and Screensavers, the user can download additional formats. This way PhotoJoy keeps providing users with newer ways to have fun with their pictures and the program never gets boring.

PhotJoy is a fantastic utility to get the most fun out of your photographs.

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