Transmission 2.0 BitTorrent Client Released

Everyone who uses peer-2-peer sharing via torrents knows, or at some point, used Transmission. It is one of the most popular bitTorrent downloading clients all over the world, used by many. Transmission is a community developed, multi-platform bitTorrent client which is the default torrent application in many distros of Linux including Ubuntu.

Recently, Transmission client went one step ahead with the release of its latest version, Transmission 2.0. The already great client is now faster, sleeker looking and smarter than ever. The new version retains the light-weightiness of the client. TorrentFreak, a popular blog covering all the bitTorrent and file sharing news spoke with Transmission developer Charles Kerr who highlighted some of the most notable improvements in the latest Transmission release.

“Transmission 2.0?s code is faster and smarter,” Charles Kerr said. “We’ve profiled the code for CPU bottlenecks and removed them. Startup, peer management, blocklists, and verifying local data are all faster. Transmission 2.0 is also smarter about detecting and handling network lag. For 24/7 remote seedboxes, headless systems, and embedded systems, we’ve made Transmission-daemon easier to build, added hooks for scripting, and shrunk the memory footprint.
Transmission-daemon has one of the smallest footprints — if not the smallest — of any BitTorrent client.”

Transmission client also holds the unique privileged to be entirely community owned and developed, taking the true spirit of open source software. This was acknowledged as well by Charles as he invited readers to join hands in hands for the development of this great bitTorrent client which serves the needs of many. “If any of your readers are Windows or ExtJS programmers who want to work on the Windows or Web clients, the Transmission team would like to hear from them.” appealed Charles.

Transmission’s latest release is a clear show of the growing and aspiring BitTorrent and open source community and proves how community driven applications can lead the market with their high quality.

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