Transfer Bookmarks From One Browser To The Next

With such an impressive array of browsers to choose from nowadays, it is not uncommon to work with multiple internet browsers on our computers. The biggest challenge a user faces in switching back and forth from web browsers is to export and import the settings. By settings, we mainly mean bookmarks (or favorites, if you are an Internet Explorer user).

The traditional way of course is to export your bookmarks into a file through browser number 1, and then open browser number 2 and import the bookmarks from the previously saved file. But with the amazing browser add-on Xmarks, we can easily transfer the bookmarks from one browser to the next.

Xmarks is a website where you can download its bookmark synchronization extension for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

But before you start using the add-on it would be best to create register a username with Xmarks and form an account; your bookmarks will be saved in this account.

The first step to take after you have formed an Xmarks account is to access its homepage through each browser you want to use it on. Download and install the browser add-on according to the browser you are currently viewing the page with.


Now suppose your starting point with Xmarks is the Firefox browser. You will be able to see Xmarks’ options in the Tools menu.


Click on the first option to begin signing into your Xmarks account and saving/synching your bookmarks there.

Now open the other browser (let us suppose it is Chrome) of which you want the bookmarks synched/saved. You will again see Xmarks’ blue icon around the address bar area:


Again, click on it to sign into your Xmarks account and transfer your bookmarks from another browser or just add more bookmarks to your Xmarks list.

The same process is done for any browser you are running your Xmarks add-on on. If you are only somebody else’s computer and do not want your bookmarks to be added into theirs, then simply log into your Xmarks account through its website where you will be see and access your bookmarks:


In conclusion, Xmarks is a wonderful to work with your bookmarks while switching between browsers and when working on somebody else’s computer; you will be pleased to give it a chance.

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