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Top 7 Stories of the day –

According to ME!

So here are seven of the most interesting stories regarding Technology that I could find while scouring the reaches of the internet.

1 – ONE!

“10 Gadgets We’d Like to Throw in a Black Hole” – Wired –

So Wired put together a list of 10 gadgets that they’d like to throw into a black-hole because of how crummy or otherwise utterly annoying they are. I thought this was amusing in a ‘look it’s a Giraffe with sunglasses’ kind of way, so have fun.

2- TWO!

lifeIO  – A Social Media Dashboard that combines E-mail, RSS and just about everything else.. – TechCrunch –

Here’s a new toy for those crazed Twitter / FaceBook fanatics to play around with. With all the new applications and services that have sprung up there’s no lack of choice, but none that give you a nice mixed serving of the world’s best.
LifeIO still isn’t available, but I’m definitely going to give it a go once it’s up and running.

3 – THREE!

Leak: Inside the Microsoft Store – Gizmodo –

In case you don’t already know, Microsoft is planning on setting up a retail store, much like what Apple has. Since the internet is like one of those probes used on most unsuspecting males going for their first Prostrate check-up, we now have a series of images to help us form a mental picture of what the Microsoft store will look like. (Don’t worry, we’ll leave the prostate examination images a surprise for when you’re 50..) Enjoy!

4 – FOUR!

Microsoft to issue two emergency patches next week – The Register –

As it is with Microsoft, they’ve found another security loophole in IE and Visual Studio. The new found bug allows attackers to remotely execute malware and hopefully the coming Tuesday should be the day the patches are out. Read up and patch yourself, lest you die a horrible death!

5 – FIVE

Hacker says iPhone 3GS Encryption is ‘Useless’ for Businesses – Wired –

This is quite funny, an iPhone expert showed the whole world how easy it is to bypass it’s so called security. A simple software is all that’s required to get pass the iPhone’s much touted security. Worth a read, especially for all those iPhone users and potential buyers out there.

6 – SIX!

Microsoft relents to European Commission, will give users browser freedom in Windows 7 – Engadget –

Looks like the Microsoft thugs will finally allow people the freedom to choose which browser they want instead of forcing people to stick to IE. I’m sure for people like me it doesn’t matter, because the first thing I do on a new system is install Firefox and make that my default browser, but for a lot of people who have not had the opportunity to enjoy the FireFox (as you can see, fan-boy) experience, this should do the trick.

7 – SEVEN!

Steve Jobs happy with Apple’s Tablet, Fast tracks it for early 2010 –  TechCrunch –

Apple’s Tablet is basically an enlarged iPhone touch. I’m personally looking forward to it. I’m not a 100% sure, I’ll buy one, but that depends totally on how much it costs and how much spare cash I have lying around. Though if the reports / rumors are to be believed, it should be fairly priced. At least when you compare it to how much fun you’ll have playing around on it.

And since I’m such a nice guy – here’s a Bonus link. I’m not sure how Tech related it is, but it amused me quite a bit and is definitely worth a read and some share-love!

Top 10 geeky things you didn’t know about Romance Writers – Wired –

I’ll be back in a day or so with my new Top 7 list… till then, Enjoy!


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