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Top 7 Stories of the Day

Welcome back to the Top 7 stories of the day!

So there’s some useful stuff for iPhone, iTouch users; people thinking about upgrading to Windows 7 and Mac Users!

1 – ONE!

The Ultimate Guide To Speeding Up Firefox 3.5 – Makeuseof.com –

We all love Firefox but if you’ve ever wondered about how to speed it up even more, wonder no more! Here’s a nice and extremely effective list that will get FF running even quicker than you’d want it to!

2 – TWO!

Microsoft Windows 7 (Professional) – Cnet Reviews –

So Cnet does us all a favour and reviews Windows 7 for us. In case you’re not in the mood to read, it’s actually a video review so that’s even better. For the really lazy ones, it basically says that Windows 7 is everything Microsoft wanted out of XP and Vista and you should definitely upgrade without having to worry. Sure it’s not perfect, but then again it’s not The Pope either.

3 – THREE!

10 Essential Software Apps For Web Development on a Mac – Makeuseof.com –

This is a nice round-up for all you designers / developers who are die hard Mac users.

4 – FOUR!

Defcon: New Hack Hijacks Application Updates Via WiFi – DarkReading –

Here’s an extremely interesting article on how any of our application updates can be turned against us. Hackers can now just hijack an application update and replace the actual update with malware / spyware or something even worse!

5 – FIVE!

40 Really Useful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials – Web Design Booth-

Here’s an awesomely large list of Photoshop Text effect tutorials for everyone to use. There’s stuff in there that can be used by everyone from a novice trying to get a nice effect for his new blog title right down to a pro looking for some short-cuts. I would advice against going overboard with all the text effects, but some of them can be really cool when used in the right place.

6 – SIX!

12 must-own games for iPhone or iPod touch – TechRadar –

Now that all your precious little iPhones have been saved (yea, there’s now a fix to prevent someone from taking over your iPhone via a simple sms), here’s a nice list of games that you should definitely get. Especially if you travel a lot. Sure beats sitting around in the departure lounge and staring at your laptop screen while trying to connect to any available WiFi. (Which more or less sucks more than any Adobe update you’ve ever had to sit through.)

7 – SEVEN!

Snow Leopard Now Available for Pre-Order – Gizmodo –

Don’t have a Mac, but I know quite a few people who’ve probably already pre-ordered Snow Leopard and are now pacing up and down their rooms waiting for a copy. About a month more to go and there will be celebrations again!

That’s it from me for today. Will be back soon!

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