Top 7 Stories of the Day

I’m back… again… with the top 7 stories of the day, according to ME!

Right! This time I’ve got some serious stuff for you guys to feast on.

1 – ONE!

Weaponizing Web 2.0 – The Washington Post –

I thought this was quite an interesting article. Imagine your browser turning against you, all your personal information being used by someone else without your knowledge! I’m sure we’ve all had this nightmare before, but if what this article says is true, I think we’d better be really careful. This is a real life version of one of those scary movies where technology turns against you, but instead of being dismembered by traffic signals that grow arms, your web browser bankrupts you!

2 – TWO!

Facebook erroneously sucking in Twitter updates – Cnet News –

In case you’re a Twitter and Facebook user and have been wondering why your Twitter posts have been showing up on Facebook, here’s why..
A temp solution, till they fix the problem is just to block the Twitter app from accessing your profile.

3 – THREE!

Mozilla starts preparing developers for Firefox 3.6 – Cnet News –

Recently Mozilla put up some mock-ups for FireFox 4, almost immediately after the release of FF 3.5, and now they’re already ready with FF 3.6.
Some pretty interesting features. Mozilla has already begun the development of Firefox 4. Seems like Santa’s little elves have been extremely busy.

4 – FOUR!

Windows 7 Ultimate activation cracked with OEM master key – Ars Technica –

Windows 7 has been cracked. Properly. Microsoft claims that they’re going to do something about it, but I doubt it. Though if Windows 7 turns out to be as good as they claim, I’m sure a lot of users who use pirated versions of Windows will actually switch over. Considering it no longer cost an arm and a leg for a legit copy of Windows.

5 – FIVE!

14 tips and tricks to buff up your Gmail skills – Tech Radar –

14 pretty cool tips on how to ensure you’re getting the most out of Gmail. I’m very comfortable with Gmail and I still found most of the tips to be very useful. Especially for those of you, who like me, use Gmail for everything. A must read.

6 – SIX!

VoloMedia awarded the Patent for Podcasting – NewTeeVee –

So it seems that VoloMedia now has the patent for Podcasting. In short this means that only the authors of the media who use Podcasting as a tool to get their ‘stuff’ out there will be affected. One can only wait and see how this turns out. (More money to be made for the many people involved…)

7 – SEVEN!

iPhone SMS Security Flaw could allow every iPhone in the world to be Hijacked! – Gizmodo –

Right, So you get an SMS with a single square character – and the next thing you know your very own beloved iPhone, yes the very same one you sacrificed a virgin lamb for, is no longer yours.
All I have to say to all you iPhone users is, “Be afraid, be very afraid!”

Right, so that pretty much does it for today.

Oh wait, your Bonus link:

iPhone app lets you get away with napping at work – GamesBeat –


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