Top 7 Stories of the Day

According to Me.

So I’m back just a day later with 7 more stories for you to check out. Of course, their importance depends a lot on how aligned your priorities are with mine, however even if you’re from a different planet it’s fun to ‘throw caution to the wind’ sometimes..

1 – ONE!

The iPhone’s Latest Hit App : Sex Offender Locator – TechCrunch - 

I think this is hilarious. Now every iPhone user knows if you hang Pedo-bear posters in your room. Don’t think this app has much use outside of the US, but I’m sure it’s a blessing for all those moms who want to keep their little angels away from certain ice cream vans or clowns. (I hate clowns.. and no, I have no childhood traumatic experiences I’d like to share!)

2 – TWO!

AVG Update Breaks iTunes – Slashdot –

If you have iTunes and AVG and have been getting a warning error recently, this is the cause. 2 temporary solutions are :

  1. Add the itunes.resources folder into the exceptions list.
  2. Revert AVG’s definitions to previous version.

You can find more information on the Apple forums.

3 – THREE!

FaceBook lets advertisers use Pictures without Permission – Slashdot

Right, I bet you’ve already got mails warning you to change your privacy settings time and again, and Facebook manages to outsmart you each time. If you already haven’t, please go change your privacy settings as soon as possible.

4 – FOUR!

Ten outstanding Linux back-up Utilities – TechRepublic –

Here’s a list of 10 of the best back-up tools available to Linux users. For some added goodness and extra brownie points with you guys and through powers that are well beyond your comprehension, I’ve (not really…) managed to make sure that list includes some apps that function across different platforms. Enjoy!

5 – FIVE!

Windows 7 RTM leaked to Bittorrent last week – NYTimes –

So I’m sure the internet archeologists have already managed to get their hands on Windows 7. It’s already available for download. (illegally of course, and we strongly advice against all things evil!)
**Does not scamper off hurriedly to download something in secret**

6 – SIX!

Facebook relents, Lets you change Username – ReadWriteWeb –

I remember when I was picking my FB username, if it was one I’d want to stick with forever. Of course, forever is long time and we all tend to change our minds sooner or later. And if you’re one of those gnats who managed to type in something like ‘Twat’ because those were the first two letters of your first and last name, there’s good news for you. Be careful though, this seems to be a one time only offer.

7 – SEVEN!

Status Search : A Search Engine for what you’re friend’s are saying online – TechCrunch –

So imagine being able to search everything your friend’s and family said about a topic across various online social networks?
This is what Status Search does for you. I think it’s pretty nifty for those who’re big on Twitter / FB or any of these social networking apps. ( I haven’t tested it yet.. but give it a go and let us know what you think..)

In other news, I’ve managed to get an invitation to LifeIO, so you guys should have a LifeIO review of sorts coming up soon.

And since I’m such a nice guy, here are two Bonus links.

A Seal dies of SEX exhaustion – News24  –
Completely unrelated to Technology, but amusing in an extremely morbid but outrageously hilarious way.

The Green Hornet’s Car – Cinema Blend –
Pics of the Green Hornet’s new sweet sweet ride at the Comic Con.

So that’s the list for today. I may or may not be back with one tomorrow, but I’ll definitely have something else lined up regardless.

Do let us know what you think of this post and if there’s anything else you’d like to bring to the notice of our Techtites readers.

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