Top 5 Shopping Apps for Android Phones

If you’re a shopping addict and own an Android phone, consider yourself lucky, since there are so many Android apps that can give you the opportunity to shop directly from your phone and save much money. I guess it’s hard to choose some of those shopping apps on iTunes, that’s why we’ve sorted out the best 5 of them:

5) Google Shopper

Google has developed a number of apps that are aimed at making our lives easier and Google Shopper continues that trend. The app turns your phone into a barcode scanner, price checker and discount finder, giving us the chance to save a bit of money on High Street prices and prevent us from buying an item that is rubbish. Very useful and easy to use on any Android phones, especially on the most powerful ones.

4) Amazon

No Android phone would be complete without the Amazon app. Amazon is a giant in the world of internet shopping, and where it once specialized in books and DVDs, it is now possible to buy virtually anything you desire at discounted prices and great delivery. The app gives you everything the website does but has been specially optimized for easy mobile usability.

3) Barcode Scanner

The original and the best. Barcode Scanner is the app that allows us to scan items that we find and like to see if we can find them cheaper elsewhere. By using the phone’s camera, this app scans the barcode of a product and then searches the web to find various reviews and prices. This app will save you hundreds of pounds.

2) Groupon

We are a nation that loves a bargain and that is why we all love a bit of Groupon. The app has become a worldwide phenomenon, providing users with great money-saving deals on a daily basis direct to their smartphones. The Groupon app is easy to use and well designed; simply tell Groupon where you live and watch the deals come rolling in!

1) Vouchercloud

Carrying on the theme of saving money, the vouchercloud app is one that every Android user must have. By using your phone’s GPS, the app will find and display the best deals closest to where you are. From High Street stores and brands to independent pubs and restaurants, vouchercloud has savings on everything.

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