Too many updates on your Facebook homepage? Try FbHC

With the new update to Facebook, we have users aghast at the change, screaming, yelling, blogging, twittering and voting against it.

So, if you’re one of them, or you just hate the millions of application updates on your homepage and prefer just reading comments of your friends, then this one is for you.

Facebook Homepage - Before FbHC

Gautam Arora has put together a simple Greasemonkey script that will allow you to clean up all these updates from your homepage and all you’ll see is the personal updates that your friends make.

Steps to install this script:

1. This script works only on Firefox (so incase you are on IE, this is another good reason to switch to FF). Start your Firefox browser.

2. Download Greasemonkey. This Firefox extension creates the framework for you to take control of what you see in your browser!
You will have to restart your browser to complete the installation of the extension.

3. Click on "Install" link above to install the "Facebook Homepage Cleaner (FbHC)" script.

FbHC Install

4. You will get prompted by the browser for this script, go ahead and click on the ‘Install’ button.

Thats it, your cleaner has been installed.

5. Refresh your Facebook homepage to see the new ‘clean’ page with none of those annoying updates!

Facebook Homepage - After FbHC

I’ve been promised that v0.2 is on the way here with more updates and more control given to you. You can choose what do you want to clean and what do you want to keep.



So, how’s your Facebook now?

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