Three Tips To Make Your Blogging Look More Professional

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Blogging is a serious job, especially if your blog depends on loyal readership and not search engines for traffic. Like in the real world, the authority of the blogger is as much dependent on how the blogger carry themselves as it is on the content. That being the case, it becomes very important for bloggers to make their online activities look as professional as possible.

A lot of it is dependent on your blog content. Glaring typo errors, astonishingly illogical arguments can all take away your authority. While I presume that only the real authorities on a subject take up blogging in that area, here are a few other subtle tips that can add that extra bit of professionalism online.

Your Email Address

Imagine an advertiser receiving a mail from [email protected] requesting for advertising partnerships. In all probability, the blogger would simply not see a reply to the mail. This is because the professional touch to the whole conversation was lost simply at the first step when you send an email for a business relationship from an email such as that. The first and foremost step would then be creating a professional email id at your own dotcom. Did I say not to use free blog services for your website? Yes, that goes without saying.

Custom Themes

When you are dependent on loyal readers more than search engine traffic, one of the most important points to remember is to get your own custom design done for your website. Downloaded themes; no matter free or ‘premium’ always bring the professionalism of your website down. While this may not affect your interaction with your readers, it certainly does affect your business when you are trying to sell something. The common perception would then be that a guy who cannot afford to get a professional design for his site could not have actually purchased a product to be posting an honest review.

About Me Section

This section is absolutely important if gaining reputation is part of your goal. A professional ‘About Me’ or ‘About Us’ in some cases need to have at least 3-4 paragraphs detailing about the authors’ expertise in the area. In case you do not have too much of an expertise to talk about, you may talk about the qualifications that make you worthy enough to be blogging about the subject. Do not forget to include a picture of yourself and remember to use your full name. Nicknames and avatars are best left for IM chats and a professional ‘About Me’ section can go a long way in establishing the authority of the author who the readers can trust and bank upon.

The bottom-line is to treat your online activity as important as your ‘real life’ businesses. While it is possible for you to blog in your pajamas, this feeling of being casual while ‘at work’ should not be actually affecting your authority on the subject.

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