The best way to Watch Images and Videos with your Family

The web is definitely evolving and at the core of it all is social networking. It never fails to surprise how many different ideas people can come up with. is one of them.

The website looks like a combination of Flickr and Youtube when you first look at it but you might be fooled into thinking that its nothing more than that until you notice the service’s motto!

Watchitoo main focus is not that you just upload your photos and videos and leave it for others to find, far from it! Watchitoo’s point is that as soon as you upload your content (be it video or images) you can view them with your close friends or relatives – simultaneously! (That’s `instantly’ in case you’re wondering…)


What advantages can this have? Way too many! You could watch your favorite show with your friends without any of them ever leaving the house. You can even switch on the Video chat feature invite your friends to join you so that you  can talk and watch the show just like you were sitting in the living room!

Maybe you just came back from vacation and want to share your photographic mementos with your family members? Get them to sign up / log into their account and easily share and view your photos online while directly text or video chatting to them at the same time!


As they say, the possibilities are endless, and you still get to be near to those dear to you! As the sites motto puts it – Whatever I watch, you watchitoo!

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