Techtites has moved to feedblitz

Techtites is moving to FeedBlitz from Feedburner

About a week back I noticed that the stats for all my feeds at Google’s Feedburner had turned to zero. Google acknowledged the issue a few days back. There has been a lot of speculation about the future of Feedburner with Google losing the domain as well as the discontinuing of the API and their Twitter account. Although Google has not come out publicly about what their plans are for Feedburner, I’ve decided to move away from Feedburner.

I surveyed a few of the options available and decided that  was the best alternative. They have a detailed guide that helps new users with the switch. I’ve been a long term user of Feedblitz to serve email subscriptions for my blog, and they were a logical move. Additionally, they also are the best alternative to Feedburner especially with their “Feedburner compatibility option”.

Techtites has moved to feedblitz

If you’re also considering switching, Feedblitz isn’t a free option. Their pricing starts at $1.49/mo for just RSS support with 0-9 email subscribers. I’ve gone ahead and activated both the RSS and email subscription for all users and have already imported existing email subscribers from Feedburner to Feedblitz. So, if you’re reading this in your email client, you’ll know that this move was successful.

For users who prefer RSS, you should continue to receive feeds via our main feed address, i.e.

If you’re subscribed directly to our Feedburner feed, please update your RSS readers now. I’ll continue keeping the Feedburner feed active for now. However, if you use in your feed reader, then you will never lose our content no matter which service I switch to!

Techtites is available to all users across multiple social networking websites, via feeds as well as email.

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  1. Hi Ajay, if you change your mind about paying, you may want to consider RevResponse’s RSS to Email tool (disclaimer, I work there). It has all the functionalities of FeedBlitz except we offer it for free. Instead of charging for it, we monetize the feed and split the revenue with the blogger. Check us out if it sounds interesting to you and good luck!

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