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Take remote access of your computer with Chrome Remote Desktop

Early 2010, we blogged about three tools that help you remotely control your desktop. There are several more tools and a new kid to hit the block is from our very only Google in the form of the Chrome Remote Desktop.

Google Chrome Desktop is an extension for Google Chrome that allows users to remotely access another computer using the Chrome browser or a Chromebook.

Using the extension is very simple. The extension on the target computer will generate an access code as below.

Chrome Remote Desktop - Share

This access code needs to be presented to the “assisting” computer user who needs to feed it into his program and simply hit “Connect”.

Chrome Remote Desktop - Connect

And, you’ll have complete access to the target computer.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop BETA is fully cross-platform, so you can connect any two computers that have a Chrome browser, including Windows, Linux, Mac and Chromebooks. However, the smoothness of the connection will be highly dependent on the speed of your internet connection.

The extension is ideal for one time connection, e.g. when you’re providing IT support. If you’re looking for non-manual intervention, you will need to look for a more permanent solution like LogMeIn.

Download Chrome Remote Desktop

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