WordPress Picks for the week [12/20]

WordPress 2.9 “Carmen” is out You can upload from within your WordPress admin itself. New features include: Global undo/”trash” feature, which means that if you accidentally delete a post or comment you can bring it back from the grave (i.

WordPress Picks [12/13]

Dress Up Your WordPress Theme In Under 5 Minutes Using jQuery AJAX is extremely powerful in decking up themes and jQuery is one library that makes this extremely easy. The best part is that jQuery is that it is bundled with WordPress. Jason teaches you two simple tricks, viz.

Killer WordPress resources for everyone!

Ever wanted to start your own blog or website and weren’t quite sure how to? Well here’s your chance to take the dive into the WordPress world. There are quite a few different ways to setup your own website and countless blogging platforms that you can use.

WordPress Picks for the week [11/15]

Managing Comments With Ajax Edit Comments A new version of the very popular plugin Ajax Edit Comments is out. In this guest blog post by Ronald, the founder of Ajax Edit Comments, tells you in pictures all the new features of the plugin. The power that AEC gives you is phenomenal.

WordPress Picks for the week [11/01]

We’re back this week to give you some of the best articles in the world of WordPress. 5 Free ways to bulletproof your WordPress site Make your site usable, accessible and secure. Essential pointers to ensure that you’re blog is ready.

WordPress Picks for the week [10/25]

Actually, this one is for two weeks, so we have a good collection of must read articles in the world of WordPress. Essentials for the first blog So, you’re new to WordPress and starting off on your first blog. This article guides you through a few essential items that you would help you enhance your blog.

WordPress Picks for this week [10/11]

Quick WP tip: pagination classes Yoast guides you through a quick way of styling WordPress’ internal functions next_posts_link and previous_posts_link. Five Ways to Change Your WordPress Password Maybe you’re regularly forgetting your WordPress Admin password, or maybe this is your first time and you’re totally clueless as to how to proceed? Then, this article is for you!

WordPress Picks for this week [10/04]

Adding a block of HTML to a WordPress post If you use HTML when you post, then you will realise that WordPress has its own way of dealing with it. Which means that you can either use a host of plugins or just give up and take what you get. scriptygoddess guides you to using shortcodes in adding blocks of HTML in your WordPress posts.