Solve problem of ejecting USB drives with EjectUSB

Anybody who uses a USB drive be it a pen drive or a hard disk knows how painful it can be when you run into the stupid "USB drive is in use" error everytime you try to eject the same. In such a situation, I normally rely on Unlocker to do the needful. However, that isn't always solve the problem at one go.

SysTrayMeter: displays CPU and RAM usage

I needed a monitoring software to see when my CPU usage would cause a spike alongwith a noticeable drop in the free RAM. Although, I found a great many freeware and shareware options, very few met all the criteria I had in mind: should be freeware should be portable (no installation needed) should be as small as possible should have some customisable features It didn't take me long to find, use and now recommend SysTrayMeter. It meets all the criteria set out above - weighing in at a measly 15 KB (That's right!

Top 6 tools / utilities to make a designer’s (My) life easier

As a web and graphics designer there are lots of tools and software available to help one do their work. In fact, I would bet that without some of these tools that we completely take for granted, most of us web designers would be fairly miserable. Here's a list of the 6 tools that I think every designer should have: 1) Photoshop / Dreamweaver : I wasn't planning on listing anything that wasn't free in this list, but no list related to web design would be complete without Adobe's Photoshop.