3 best Wibiya alternatives to aid Social Sharing

I’ve been running Wibiya on Techtites and a few other blogs for a long time. The Wibiya toolbar allows users to share your posts quickly and easily on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, via email, etc. Wibiya tracks statistics and gives you a decent idea of how successful this is.


3 Safest Ways to Share your Documents Online

Featuring some of the most helpful web applications that provides you to safest way to share important documents online. I personally like because it offers realtime rich-media streaming collaboration and chat like never before.

Easiest Way to Create and Share Online Surveys

I earlier wrote about how you can create polls on Twitter, Facebook and other websites. Today, I’ve discovered a different tool that is a little different from twtpoll. Unlike twtpoll, Zoomerang allows you to add multiple questions at a time.