Music Recommendation Services

How Do Music Recommendation Services Work

We love listening to great music. Great music keeps our nerves calm, our brain fully awaken and stimulates our soul. No matter how far we’ve come in the journey of evolution we still crave for great music that resonates with our hearts, and will for sure even hundred years from now on.

Cloud computing

Why CIOs Prefer Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is gradually becoming the most favorite child of CIOs and IT pros and as it is graduating from testing level to commercial uses many prefer to have a virtualized environment in the organizations. In a survey conducted by TechTarget during the 3rd quarter of the last year on increasing cloud interest, 61% of the respondents have agreed that they use cloud computing of some forms or the other in their organizations. The demand for all three IaaS, SaaS and PaaS cloud services are on a rise.

Create invoices and bill your customers with Invoicera

if you are running a full fledged business, especially if it is online, you will realise the importance of good customer management. Besides providing support to your customers, it is also extremely essential for good business sense to create an automated solution to invoice and bill them. Invoicera is a powerful tool that offers you tonnes of features to create invoices, track expenses and bill clients using multiple payment gateways and multiple currencies.