Edit your Mp3 song tags with Fixtunes

People have been using different kind of software and applications to edit their MP3 song tags. This usually helps them to organize everything properly and “find and play’ songs within a matter of seconds. I have found a new easy to use tool that makes sure to automatically download song information from an online data so that you don’t have to edit each song’s information yourself.

Is Google endangering our planet?

I came across an article in the Economic Times, India a few days back which had some frightening statistics about Google. According to a new research by Alex Wissner-Gross, a typical search generates about seven grammes of CO2 whereas an electric kettle generates about 15 gm. On average there are 200 million searches performed daily which is a lot of CO2.

It’s ok to search your own site with AdSense for search, but…

Many bloggers and site owners have Google Adsense for Search installed on their blogs. This ensures that you can provide relevant results to your blog users while simultaneously making some money on the side. While, there is no issue with other users using the search box, however, the question arises on the legality of you using the same.

12 Free SEO Tools

In 12 Free SEO tools to check complete site stats and not just page rank or SERP ranks, Mani Karthik takes a look at 12 tools that you can use to check your site stats, gauge their popularity and more. Many of these can analyse backlinks, links from other sites, search enginer rankings etc.

Windows Live Search for Messenger

New on the Windows Live Messenger activities list is integration with Window Live Search. All you have to do is open a messenger window and select Search from the Activities list. A side window is opened where you can perform your search.