How to Record OnScreen Activites Online

When making a computer based tutorial/presentation you’re required to get specialized software that will capture both your voice and your movements onscreen. Some of these software cost hundreds of dollars are bulky to install and are espcially confusing to setup.  For example when choosing which video and audio format to use to save your actions in.

Record and Share Text with Online Text Recorder

When writing an article for any blog I make sure to collect maximum information about the post and note it down on Notepad because I always find it hard to switch from one tab to another. I do that because there isn’t just one source of information I use. I like to take opinions of all the popular websites out there and even test out the services I’m writing about and then present it to our readers so that they don’t get disappointed.

Record Important Skype Calls with Skype Call Recorder

I use to work in a call center about 15 months ago and we use to have all our conversation on Skype at that time. Our boss always wanted to record skype meetings at that moment and I had never heard of anything that lets you record these conversations without giving you much headache. I don’t work at the call center anymore but for those of you who need to record Skype calls in future can now try Skype Call Recorder.