Nexus 7

7 free apps to listen to radio on your Google Nexus 7

Last week we covered 7 apps to check email on your Nexus 7. With both the 16Gb or 32Gb, you have sufficient storage space for your music files. However, if you’re looking to listen to something different and are wanting for choice, then radio is an excellent choice.


Get music, videos, films and podcasts free with AudialsOne

There is a wealth of music available on the internet. While internet radio has been around forever, it is only recently that I tried it out. The problem with internet radio is that you need a fast enough (and unmetered) connection to listen to the music, which isn’t a luxury we have in India.

A good alternative in this case is to record the music from the radio station. AudialsOne is one powerful software that allows you to record music from radio stations as a basic option and a lot more as an advanced option.

The software is so feature rich, that one post cannot do justice on it. I’ll try to do some justice to the software in this review by covering some of the main features.

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