How to delete unused or less used post tags in WordPress

Delete Tags

If you've been running a multi-author blog like us, over a period of time, you'll see your list of tags growing exponentially. When I reviewed the number of tags on Techtites today, I noticed that this was well over 1,100 tags! So, I went into the Tags interface and immediately realised that I'm going to spend an hour just deleting and cleaning up tags.

How to create CSS3 animated buttons in WordPress

All in One Buttons

I remember when I first started working with websites more than a decade ago, if you wanted a cool looking button in your form, you had to use images. Images still remain an option but with CSS this has is being gradually phased out. CSS3 completely eliminates the need for images for creating basic good looking designs.

Begin coding your first WordPress Plugin with DX Plugin Base

DX Plugin Base

If you're thinking of getting into WordPress plugin development, I suggest reading this article on webdesigner depot. It gives you a basic idea on creating the directory structure and adding in your first snippets of code. When you're ready to take it to the next stage, you might want to consider Mario's DX Plugin Base.