Easiest way to create polls online for free

I’ve read about a few website that helps you create polls online but most of them are limited to their own website. I’ve confronted a much better website today which lets you create polls online where you can allow visitors to choose more than one answer to express their view. twtpoll is an excellent online service that not only allows you to create your free polls online but you can also post them directly on your Blog, Twitter and Facebook.

3 Awesome Websites to Create your Flow Diagram Online

Using charts and graphs to demonstrate your presentation is not only a good thing but it also makes you look more professional and dedicated . There are tons of software you can download to get the job done or alternatively, use some of the best services to create your charts or graphs online. LovelyCharts LovelyCharts is a free online diagram editor that lets you create charts and diagrams in a very quick and easy manner.

Edit Your Documents Online with Shutterborg

I have just stumbled upon a very cool web application that allows you to use word processor with in your web browser. Shutterbrog lets you edit your documents online totally free of charge. It offers a very user friendly interface and makes every thing easy for you.

Online To-Do List Manager

I earlier wrote about the Top 5 To-Do List Managers for Mac Os X which can help you keep everything in order. For those of you who are looking for an online To-Do list manager that offers almost the same features as any desktop software would then you should give Checkvist a try. It’s an excellent online web service that allows you to simplify the task of making a to-do list by enabling keyboard shortcuts and supporting sub-lists.