Music Recommendation Services

How Do Music Recommendation Services Work

We love listening to great music. Great music keeps our nerves calm, our brain fully awaken and stimulates our soul. No matter how far we’ve come in the journey of evolution we still crave for great music that resonates with our hearts, and will for sure even hundred years from now on.


How to create a playlist from a folder in iTunes

iTunes allows you to quickly create a playlist which you can create either manually by selecting files from your library or alternatively a smart playlist based on certain criteria. However, one lesser known feature is creating playlists from a folder on your hard drive. Creating a playlist from a folder is a simple two step process.

Stream Music Easily with Vibe Streamer

If you are looking to stream or listen to music in your browser check out Vibe Streamer. Vibe Streamer is a personal music streaming server that allows users to listen to their digital music collection from any web browser across a local area network or over the world wide web. The application server features a very easy installation procedure and offers a wide range of configurations to secure, grant or limit access to a user’s music collection.

Sing along with your music with AutoLyrix (Multimedia Monday)

Who doesn’t love singing with the music playing in the background. And singing is extremely easy when you have the lyrics of your favorite song in front of you. One option is to individually search for lyrics of your song online or alternatively, get hold of a simple software that does the job.

MediaMonkey (Multimedia Monday)

Your music collection is growing and growing fast and after sometime you realize it is totally unmanageable. If you’re as particular at me, you’d like your music neatly tagged the files properly named and arranged, then this is one tool worth using. MediaMonkey is a music manager and jukebox for serious music collectors and iPod users.