Come January, Green means Clean, atleast for IE7

Phishing Scams have been a major problem for large corporations. As of today there aren’t any sure fire solutions. IE, Firefox and Opera as well today implement a check to see if the site is fraudulent or not.


Office 2007 ready to ship

After a few beta releases, Microsoft has declared that Office 2007 and Windows Vista will be available to businesses by November 30, reports MSNBC. I’ve personally tried Office 2007 betas and I have been blown away by the features. The interface at first was a bit difficult to navigate because it is very different from all the earlier versions of Office.

Add Windows Live Search to your website

You can now add Windows Live Search Box to your website. When the user enters a query, the search box dynamically builds a floating DIV on your page to display the search results. You can customize the query in the first tab to search your site, your macro or anything else, while the second tab will return general web search results.