Troubleshooting gets better in Windows 8

Windows 8 Boot Options

Windows 8 has been designed to boot so quickly that you have almost zero reaction time to get to the famous boot screens that allow you to choose a different boot device or enter into the troubleshooting utilities. If you want to enter the boot screens when booting up your PC, you need to hit the F8 key. Usually one tap doesn't suffice and you'll need to hit the key repeatedly several times so that Windows can detect one of them.

7 Steps to gift your mom the best on Mother’s Day

Wondering what to gift your mother this Mother’s Day? Greeting cards, flowers, jewellery and chocolates are all passé; it’s the new age mom we are talking about so the gift should also match her persona. This Mother’s Day make your mom feel special by gifting her a fabulous holiday for her to unwind and get away from the regular boring chores.

Microsoft Confirms Motion Controller Project Natal at E3 Expo

Microsoft has recently announced "Project Natal" that will offer motion controller for Xbox 360. At its annual press briefing at the E3 Expo Microsoft finally confirms the rumored motion controller that allows an astoundingly wide range of actions by utilizing a group of sensors. What makes it better is the ability of juggling multiple users during a single session.