Top 7 Stories of the day –

Stuff we’d like to throw into the black-hole, Microsoft’s new retail store, how to hack the iPhone (well, not really…), it’s all in here!


Imageshack Introduces a Twitter Tool for iPhone

ImageShack is one of the biggest Image hosting websites out there. I had been using it for my Celebrity blogs for about a year now. Recently I have shifted to Photobucket and bought the premium account.

Facebook Connect now on your iPhone

Facebook is the most popular social media website for people to connect with their friends and family members. Previously they unveiled an extention for Facebook platform which makes it easy for you to bring your friends with you all over the Web. Recently they have expanded the same concept  to iPhone and iPod touch by offering “Facebook Connect for the iPhone”.

Track your Visitors from iPhone and iPod

Google introduced Analytics for Mobile Phones a few weeks back. Using Google Analytics Advanced Segmentation feature you can now track your visitors from iPhone and iPod touch as well. To enable this feature, simply click on the drop down menu next to “Advanced Segments” and select “Visits from iPhones”.

Adobe Flash coming to the iPhone

Apple and Adobe are teaming up to create a flash player for the iPhone. Narayen (Adobe Executive) said that he was “pleased with progress” since June of 2008. Apple CEO Steve Jobs originally claimed that Adobe Flash was too resource-heavy for the iPhone.

From Olympics to Videogames

After their successful Olympics performance, Olympics snowboarder Shaun White and swimmer Michael Phelps are now in a new league. The league of capturing the hearts and minds of thousands of gamers world wide. In association with Shaun White, Ubisoft has released Shaun White Snowboarding.

Cooliris – Now on iPhone (Tool Tuesday)

Cooliris, the popular browser extension that revolutionizes the way you view media on your computer, is now available as an application for your iPhone! Cooliris for the iPhone allows you to search the web for media and news in an intuitive, easy-to-navigate way. Your results are displayed on an endlessly streaming 3D Wall that is a breeze to browse with your iPhone touchscreen.

Get your free iPhone

Found this at Techcrunch. For those who are waiting desperately for Apple’s iPhone, you can now download this image, print it out, fold it along the dotted lines and you have you’re very own iPhone. Who says the best things in life aren’t for free?