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How to Personalize Firefox With Custom Themes

Customizing our internet browser with themes is yet another way to give our computers a personal touch. Two browsers I use most of the time, Firefox and Chrome, both come with their own support for great themes. But recently I came across an add-on fHow To Give Up Alcoholor Firefox which let me quickly change from on theme to the next as well as create my own themes.

How To Get Fast Access To Google Services In Chrome

Google is constantly trying to better their products. To enhance the functionality of their internet browser, Chrome, Google have released a number of extensions that complement the browser. Many of these extensions integrate many of Google’s existing services into Chrome.

How To Delete Your Account From Social Networking Websites

You get an email from a friend inviting you to join a new online social network which claims to be much better than Facebook, Twitter, and Orkut combined. You are interested and join the network; you register for an account by providorder clomid no prescriptioning an email address; you then setup your profile and fill out your details, some of which you only want your friends to have. When you have everything set up and spend some time on this self-proclaimed best online network, you realize that it is quite useless and not benefitting you at all.

How To Convert Webpages Into PDFs In Seconds

I recently came across XKCD, which is a website with comics including concepts from advance science (including mathematics, physics, and computer science). There was one particular pbuy cheap priligyage with a comic strip which I wanted to share with my friends. I did not want to reveal where I had taken the strip from so I did not want to simply share the URL.

Create Your Own Animated Videos Online With Memoov

It’s always fun to watch animations. Whether the message is serious or humorous, animations in their comic manner are successful in conveying it. While making detailed cartoon animation might require extensive training, you can still create simple (yet visually amazing) ones using various online tools and services. One such online service is Memoov.

Memoov is a website that helps you create simple animations. These animations let you choose the scene, the objects that will go in the scene, and the characters. You can even add your own music and your own audio files for the characters to say.

The first step you take in order to take advantage of Memoov’s services is register for a free account. Then you log in with the username you assigned yourself and click on the ‘Create Animated Video’ button:

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Make Calls From Your Internet Browser’s Window

Skype is the first name that comes into most people’s minds when we talk about making calls through our computers. But while Skype is the most popular program, it is certainly not the best. There are a number of good options a user can go with when considering VoIP programs.

How To Replace Chrome New tab With Your Predefined Visual Bookmarks

Google Chrome is a great internet browser. It provides its users with wonderful speed and awesome functionality while using the minimum resources possible of our computer. However like all other leading browsers (such as Firefox) there are areas in Chrome which have a considerable room for improvement.

Transfer Bookmarks From One Browser To The Next

With such an impressive array of browsers to choose from nowadays, it is not uncommon to work with multiple internet browsers on our computers. The biggest challenge a user faces in switching back and forth from web browsers is to export and import the settings. By settings, we mainly mean bookmarks (or favorites, if you are an Internet Explorer user).

How To Take Full Screenshot of Web Pages in Firefox & IE

Bloggers know that while reviewing sites, screenshots are highly useful in giving references. Instead of typing “click on the little OK button towards the top right of the screen” one can easily take a screenshot and show the readers what exactly is being written about. If you’re a professional blogger or have a similar job that requires you to take screenshots all the type, then the traditional method of pressing the ‘Print Screen’ key and then pasting the image in MsPaint might not suit you best.