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How To Create Android-Robots that look like you

I enjoy all web tools that let me create impressive cartoon icons and avatars. In these tools I particularly enjoy tools that let us create icons resembling the cartoons or animations we already know. For example I have been using and having fun with the Avatar icon creator, the South Park icon creator, and the Simpsons icon creator a lot.

How To Call Your Friends Free Of Cost Using Wifi On iDevices and Android

Thanks to the internet we now have the convenience to call our friends and family members for free no matter where they are. For those who own an iPhone and would like to call their loved ones from any part of the world where they have access to a wifi connection they can use Tango! Tango is a brilliant free iPhone video calling service that connects people around the world with friends and family no matter where they are.

How To Convert PDF Files To Word On Facebook

PDF documents are not designed for editing later. This is why modifying the information within a PDF document is inconvenient. If you have a PDF file that you need to edit, your best bet is to first convert the file into a Word document (DOC files) and then edit the text from within Microsoft Word.

How To Easily Convert Images Into Text Documents Online

Correcting mistakes on printed documents can become a tedious task if you do not have its digital copy. First you will need to make a digital copy by typing up the entire document in a text editor, and then editing it according to your needs. Thankfully however OCR technology allows us to recognize text from digital images and auto-create text files from them.

Use Same Keyboard/Mouse On As Many Computers As You Like

If you are operating multiple computers at your home or office, then you might be shifting a lot from one keyboard-mouse set to another. Since each computer has separate keyboard-mouse sets hooked to it, shifting is a necessity. However through the usage of a brilliant tool name Synergy Plus, you can use the same keyboard-mouse set on as many computers as you like.

How to Get Notifications on Address Bar for New Gmail Messages In Chrome

If you are a Google fan who uses the combination of Gmail on Chrome, then you must have come across many Chrome extensions that complement Gmail. Many of these are new email notification tools and are a great help to the Gmail user. However, sometimes the developer couples this simple function along with many of other Google’s service to produce a cluttered mesh.

How To Change System Fonts In iPhone And iPod

How to change system fonts in iPhone and iPod == My guess is that Apple places software restrictions in iPhones and iPods simply so that third-party developers can spend time removing those restrictions, chronicle their achievements online via website and blogs, and users can stay engaged into the iPhone/iPod and the discoveries of features being made on it. It all started with the video recording capability of iPhone 2G; since then third-party developers have constantly been removing various operating system limitations in the iPhone and iPod. One of the more recent limitation removals is the ability to choose our own font styles in the iPhone and iPod interface.