More than one Inbox in Gmail

After Gmail Offline and the new Google Menu, Gmail is back with a new feature, viz. Multiple Inboxes. The multiple inboxes feature allows you to display more than one set of emails in your inbox.

Explore Mars and the Oceans with Google Earth

If you thought that Google Earth was all about land, well, think again. With the launch of Google Earth 5, Google has now attempted to conquer the seas and Mars. From the release post, new features include: Historical Imagery: Until today, Google Earth displayed only one image of a given place at a given time.

Google Analytics Tracking Code Updated

And you don’t need to make the change. Christina explains the change: So why the change? Adding the try and catch to the snippet removes the possibility that your visitor sees a JavaScript message that doesn’t apply to her.

Is Google endangering our planet?

I came across an article in the Economic Times, India a few days back which had some frightening statistics about Google. According to a new research by Alex Wissner-Gross, a typical search generates about seven grammes of CO2 whereas an electric kettle generates about 15 gm. On average there are 200 million searches performed daily which is a lot of CO2.

Have you checked out Google’s new Favicon?

Back in June ’08 Google changed their favicon from the infamous capital G to the small g. And, seven months later it’s time for another change. The new favicon is the small g but with the four colors of Google.