Google Search Made More Musical

Tired of unsuccessfully looking for a song? Know the name of the artist but not the band? Know the band the but not the song title?

How to add your Google Apps Mail account to Thunderbird

One thing that I love about Postbox is it’s complete support for tonnes of email services. However, sadly, Postbox has turned paid. As a result, I decided to give Thunderbird 3 beta a shot. And, I’ve come back disappointed.

One main reason I jumped to Postbox is that Gmail takes an hour to load on normal non-broadband connections. Besides Gmail, Yahoo and Windows Live Mail, I also use Google Apps for email (yes I know a lot of email addresses!)

So, I was rather surprised to find that Thunderbird (on which Postbox is based), doesn’t directly support Google Apps, as it does Gmail POP and Gmail IMAP. So, in this post, I will guide you through adding your Google Apps account now.

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Backup Google Documents to local hard-disk with GDocBackup

You’d think that after the success of their web based office tools Google would offer a simple backup solution to safeguard your online documents. I’m not sure when they’re going to enter with their solution however we as user no longer need to wait on them! Say hello to GDocBackup, an open source, freeware Google document backup utility that  backups your documents by exporting them into a readable file format onto your hard disk.

Undo Sending email in Gmail

Ever send an email out only to realize you’ve forgotten an attachment or even worse, it’s gone to the wrong person! Now, in Gmail Labs, you’ll find a new feature that will delay the sent email for five seconds before it is sent. During this time you will be hit the Undo button and stop the email from being sent.

Gmail finally fixes Mark as Unread

One thing ever Gmail user loves is the conversation view. However, one painful experience with the conversation view is the "Mark as Unread" feature which used to mark the entire conversation as unread, which means that you had to figure out exactly which was the first unread post, the next time you opened up the conversation again. This has always been a painful experience especially if you have ten or more emails as part of the conversation.

Conversations – Now on Google Reader

Google Reader isn’t really my favorite feed reader since I prefer Feed Demon for this purpose. However, I know a lot of users who swear by Google Reader mainly because it is online and accessible from anywhere. Last year Google Reader added the ability to share feeds and added a sharing bookmarklet to make this task even easier.

Google Improves Contact Search in Gmail

We reported earlier this week that you can now merge your contacts in Gmail. The same has been announced officially on the Gmail blog. Besides merging contacts, Suggested Contacts has been removed and this has been replaced by All Contacts.