Convert PDF inside Google Drive to Excel and PowerPoint

In it’s portfolio, Google has a large set of free useful services. One that is most frequently used is Google Drive, which is used for storing and sharing digital data. This service is used by almost everyone because it is free and it integrates with other Google services. A feature that many users like is… Continue reading Convert PDF inside Google Drive to Excel and PowerPoint

Lookeen Desktop Search – How to save time through better search

Lookeen Desktop Search

Everyone creates and shares files and documents, everyone uses email, and everyone struggles to manage the excessive amounts of data flooding into our lives every day. The Findwise Findability Survey 2014 found that time wasted searching and dealing with documents cost organizations more than 20% of their total productivity, and almost $20,000 per employee per… Continue reading Lookeen Desktop Search – How to save time through better search

Manage your cloud storage with DragonDisk


For a brief period of time I had an account with Amazon S3, which I mainly used as a test for a project I was working on. The biggest problem I faced then and which is still prevalent is the ability to easily use the interface to move files to and fro your computer. DragonDisk makes file management simple if you're using Amazon S3® or Google Cloud Storage®, or any other S3 API compatible service.

Open Any File Extension with

I often come across files that I have problems to open. Sometimes it is because Windows won't recognize it on its own and give options with limited software that might be able to open the file. I have found one of the most unique and innovative ways, to not only find out about obscure file types that lie on your harddisk, but also to find open source software in a natural yet remarkable manner.

Convert Images and PDF files to Editable Text

Just confronted a very cool web service that allows you to convert scanned documents to text. OCRTerminal is an online Optical Character Recognition scan to text converter which basically tried to preserve the original formatting of the documents. Currently this service allows you to scan up to 30 scanned images per day and allows you to convert from JPG, GIF, BMP, TIF image formats into TXT, DOC, RTF text documents.