Speed Up Your Browsing Experience in Chrome with FastestFox

Time has become more important today than in previous centuries. When compared with our ancestors, it can be seen that we get things done quicker and have more time left at the end of the day; ironically however time has become more important to us than it was to them. As technology has advanced, we have gotten used to getting more things done in as little time as possible.

Maximize games in FireFox with Flash Game Maximizer

If you’re addicted to Farmville, Roller Coaster Kingdom or Cafe World, then you’ll love this FireFox addon. Flash Game Maximizer will allow you to maximize (almost) any Flash content to the entire browser window as the click of a button. The addon also recognises F12 as the key to maximise the flash content.

Made your VPN connection to browse safely on the internet

With todays internet climate being the snoop fest that it is,  it’s becoming harder and harder to keep prying eyes away from your internet activites. To combat these packet spys people have anonymous software clients and websites through which you can browse and keep the snoops at bay. ItsHidden is a servive that I first thought would be just another anonymous surfing website to add to my list then I read further into the website’s blurb and found out that   ItsHidden.

Silently install Firefox with FirefoxS

If you’re looking to install Firefox, you can either go about downloading the installer off the internet and then running the setup and clicking through a series of screens before you have the browser installed. Alternatively, you can try out Utilu Silent Setup for Mozilla Firefox. Utilu Silent Setup for Mozilla Firefox (Mozilla Firefox Silent Setup) is a small multilingual utility which automatically downloads and installs the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, and then immediately opens one or more websites.

Google Analytics Tracking Code Updated

And you don’t need to make the change. Christina explains the change: So why the change? Adding the try and catch to the snippet removes the possibility that your visitor sees a JavaScript message that doesn’t apply to her.