What’s Your Computer Disaster Plan?

Sad, but true: If you spend a lot of time on your computer, there’s no doubt that you’ll experience data storage problems at some point, whether it’s a mechanical failure or a failure on your part. In this increasingly digital world, data is becoming the most important thing you can create. When that data – personal, financial or otherwise – is lost, by golly you need to get it back.

How to enable 2 step verification on Dropbox

There have been concerns about the security of your files in Dropbox. Recently Dropbox added another layer of security similar to Google’s two step verification. When you enable two-step verification, whenever you want to login to Dropbox, you will need to use your password, and a security code that will either be texted to your mobile phone or generated by a mobile authenticator app (available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7).

Easily Backup Mozilla Firefox Profile Settings

Consider a situation when you are browsing and suddenly your browsers crashes. You restart the browser and notice that all your bookmarks, history and profile data is lost. To get rid of this problem, we found an excellent utility, MozBackup, which can help you backup your Mozilla Firefox of Thunderbird data in few simple clicks.

How to Export Picasa Albums in JPG format

For me, when it comes to saving images on the internet all I need to do is visit Picasa and manage my photos online. Not only because it is safe but it also lets me create albums, collages, batch edit and the best of all apply effects to images. If you’re like me and would like to learn a way to make a backup copy of these images on your local hard drive then you’re on the right path of the road.

Backup Google Documents to local hard-disk with GDocBackup

You’d think that after the success of their web based office tools Google would offer a simple backup solution to safeguard your online documents. I’m not sure when they’re going to enter with their solution however we as user no longer need to wait on them! Say hello to GDocBackup, an open source, freeware Google document backup utility that  backups your documents by exporting them into a readable file format onto your hard disk.

5 Excellent Backup Tools for Linux

Featuring free Link backup applications for any sort of backup need. You can use these applications to perform a complete back up of a file, data, database, system or server. BackupPC (Graphical User Interface) BackupPC is a high performance free backup software suite for Linux that comes with a web-based user interface.