6 ways to stream local media files to Chromecast

I finally decided to buy a Chromecast to complement the new screen that I bought. Although Chromecast states that it works with TVs, it works with pretty much any screen that has an HDMI port, e.g. my new BenQ monitor.

BenQ GW2255

The next step after setting this up was an extensive amount of research which is still ongoing. Top of my list is figuring out how I can stream videos to Chromecast. I love the YouTube app which comes inbuilt with excellent support. As well as my Google Play movies app which let’s me easily stream movies to my monitor via Chromecast. But, if you’re looking at streaming anything else, e.g. my wedding video, you’ve got limited options!

All About Chromecast has 6 methods for streaming local media files to chromecast and a neat summary of these as below. I’ve already tried using Chrome and Google Cast and it does work pretty well. Next on the list is test driving Videostream.

Stream local media files to Chromecast

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