Solve problem of ejecting USB drives with EjectUSB

Anybody who uses a USB drive be it a pen drive or a hard disk knows how painful it can be when you run into the stupid “USB drive is in use” error everytime you try to eject the same.

In such a situation, I normally rely on Unlocker to do the needful. However, that isn’t always solve the problem at one go.

So, when I stumbled upon EjectUSB (Via: The Windows Fix) I decided to give it a shot. Weighing it at only 254KB, all you need to do is load EjectUSB on the USB device that you want to eject and run it from there. This is the fastest method of achieving the same.


EjectUSB will flush the file cache for the target location, close all programs running from the target location, close any Explorer windows open to the target location, remove Windows MUI and MRU entries and Recent Document shortcuts related to the target location, and attempt to eject the specified drive (if the target location was a drive letter). You can also provide a command-line parameter of the drive and EjectUSB will do the needful.

EjectUSB can also interface with Unlocker to close open file handles; simply UniExtract the Unlocker installer and put Unlocker.exe and UnlockerDriver5.sys in the same folder as EjectUSB.

Peace at last?

Download EjectUSB
View EjectUSB in action

3 thoughts on “Solve problem of ejecting USB drives with EjectUSB”

  1. Thanks a lot Ajay,
    I wanted such an app but couldn’t find by searching. My keywords may haven’t matched. I used to turn off PC to removed USB disk but now.. no more stupidness!

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