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The power of the twitter API has caused it to be a lot more than just a simple social networking service. We’ve covered several online and offline Twitter applications in the past. There are several photo sharing applications. We took a look at twitpickr which allows you to post Twitpic images directly to Flickr.

Yet another service is TweetPhoto. TweetPhoto lets you share photos on Twitter and interact with any user or photo.

TweetPhoto is the evolution and convergence of mobile and web-based social photo sharing. It combines a convenient and easy-to-use photo sharing experience with helpful tools that are feature rich and user friendly. TweetPhoto offers features such as photo and meta data filters, geo tagging, photo favorites, friends photos, customizable widgets and expansive API to enable a seamless integration into Twitter and Facebook Connect.



  • Upload photos by email, mobile or web
  • See who viewed any photo
  • Favorite or retweet any photo
  • Photos are automatically geo-tagged
  • Filter photos by Twitter or Facebook friends
  • Automatically publish photos to Facebook
  • Search photos and see trending tags

Using TweetPhoto is extremely easy. You just need to login to TweetPhoto with your twitter account and upload your pic. You can then share it with twitter. Other users are able to view your photos, favorite them and leave comments on them.

This serves as a single ground for viewing all your photos. Are you already using tweetPhoto? What has been your experience with it?

Via: Go 2 Web 2.0

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