7 Places to download your Software

I love software. I make sure I track regular releases and have identified several sites that help me do so. Below is a list of seven file repositories and software directories that I use.

Freeware Files

As the name suggests, Freeware Files is the place to get completely free and open source software. You won’t find any shareware or trialware software out here. The site is updated several times a day and it makes sense to keep up-to-date by subscribing to their RSS feeds.


This is another popular site that I keep abreast with software updates. FileForum is updated several times a day with freeware, open source, shareware and trialware software.


One crazily updated site. The updates at Softpedia pour in so quickly that it can be quite a pain to track after sometime. This is also one of the reasons why you can easily find software to download from here.


This is a site with a difference. Unlike the three above, FileHippo is a simple site which hosts a local copy of software for easy download. They also have an Update Checker to find out if you are using outdated software.


A few years back, this used to my favorite spot to download software. Well, it still remains in my top 10 list!


Yet another place I download software from. I also keep track of the freeware updates as they have a variety of RSS feeds. Software is neatly categorized and this is usually one of the first places I stop by when hunting for custom software.

The Software Patch

This is a site with a difference. The main purpose of this site is to publish regular patches to various software. It does not have a great variety of software available. I visit this to keep an archive of Windows Updates on my system in case I need to reinstall Windows.

So, where do you get your software from?


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