Send Your TwitPic Images Directly To Flickr

Twitter is growing and with it the new twitter web apps. Twitpic is a photo hosting service for twitter which easily allows you to post photos and pictures to Twitter. A lot of Twitter applications like TweetDeck and many more mobile applications like qTwitter have a support for Twitpic.

You tweeted some snaps with Twitpic using your mobile app and now you also want them to be uploaded to your Flickr photo album. What to do now without manually posting those images to Flickr?


TwitPickr is a new web 2.0 Twitter tool which helps you do this easily. TwitPickr posts your Twitpic images automatically to your Flickr Album. Just approve the authority to Flickr and Twitter. You’re done then!


TwitPickr is damn easy to use, enter your Twitter username, select your Twitpic photos and woof!! they are uploaded to your Flickr album in a swift!

However a drawback or rather say a missing feature in TwitPickr is that there is no option to auto-post images whenever it is uploaded to TwitPic via Twitter feeds. Hope they get it soon.

Try it out, TwitPickr.

3 thoughts on “Send Your TwitPic Images Directly To Flickr”

  1. My bad Rishi…Just realized I had never shared a picture on Twitter before. I just did that was able to upload it on Flickr using this tool….


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