7 Tips & Tricks to help you secure your Android device

Android Security

Android phones have become extremely popular in the last couple of years so more and more manufacturers are starting to develop their high end devices on Android platform. This fast growing popularity and the fact that they are taking over the mobile phones market has exposed them not only to physical thefts but to all sorts of software and internet threats. These high end devices have made it possible for us to store all our personal and business information so there’s a big risk that someone will misuse this sensitive data in case our phone is stolen or if our information is compromised through some malware or other harmful application. While the only way to prevent theft or the loss of a phone is to be extra careful there are several ways you can protect your data so no one can get to your important information. Here are some tips how to secure and protect your Android phone.

1. Security apps

You can find a lot of security app designed especially for Android phones that can keep your phone safe from malicious software. Some of the best security apps are Lookout Mobile Security, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus, Norton Mobile Security and more. Installing a security app doesn’t mean that you should stop being extra careful when it come to your phone.

2. Keep it safe

Always be careful when it comes to your phone. You should always know exactly where it is and think twice before leaving it on counters in shops or lending it to strangers.

3. Use secure password

Having a strong password will prevent anybody that steals your phone to unlock the screen so he will never get access to your data. Android phones have a special unlock features such as pattern unlock or face recognition unlock that enables you to better protect the data on your phone. Be sure to set one of these lock systems – they can be very helpful if your phone is stolen.

4. Install monitoring software

Mobile phone monitoring apps like mSpy are not only used to spy on other phones but to keep your phone safe. By installing some of these apps you can always track your phone if you lost it, remotely lock your phone or delete all data. These apps can also sound an alarm if the phone leaves a predefined area.

5. Location tracker

With apps like mSpy or the Android Device Manager you can always locate your phone or remotely sound an alarm on the phone if you think it might be stolen.

6. Control internet use

You shouldn’t keep your phone always connected to the internet if you want to be safe. If you’re not using it hook off from internet because you are in danger of downloading some malicious software while you’re not even aware of it.

7. Use an antivirus

With so many malicious attacks and Trojan attachments you should use an antivirus. And treat your phone like you would a high end computer – regularly update your antivirus and never open suspicious mails or attachments.

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Post by Katrin Deres, passionate blogger, writes mainly about cell phone tracking apps and software. She is currently working for mSpy in a marketing team.

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